Monday, December 31, 2012

Finally back … and making some changes to how I sell things!

Well, it’s been a long hard year and a half, lots of major health scares and issues for me and my family, and lots of homework with school, combined with a move to another city since our landlord decided to stop paying the mortgage (this is the 4th landlord to do this to us that we’ve rented from in 5 years!) has made it so that the last time I sold anything (or really made any art at all) Fall 2011.

But I am finally back! Yay!

Getting the art room unpacked and set up finally and starting to list a lot of the things I made in the summer and fall of 2011, and slowly catching up online here and there! :)

 I have decided that I will start listing all nudes and adult themed art underneath a different site and a different name – as the other fantasy art sites) is just far better suited to my fantasy/ faery/ mermaid/ elf/ dragon/ halloween art themes and the sexy nudes and erotic art just seemed to stick out like a sore thumb!

So I will now be posting all my adult/erotic art on

And listing it under the ebay ID “NaughtyliciousArt

As well as in my Etsy store:

 So if you like buying my adult artwork, then you will want to start looking for it there from here on out! And hey, there is a handful of ACEOs that I made in the summer and fall of 2011 right now if you are interested! ;)


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  2. I made a mistake on my first post *slap*

    Wow, 4th landlord to do this to you?! It happened to me once a couple years back too - I found out (amazingly by accident because he never told anyone) that my landlord was in jail and started getting eviction letters for him not paying the mortgage, so I had to leave... I thought such a thing would be a one-off... can't believe it happened so many times though, for you! Hopefully not again, anyway. Best of luck with your new naughtylicious art site :)