Monday, May 30, 2011

New! Faery ACEO on ebay!

Okay so I really don't do as much fairy art as I probably should (I know! I know! - if there was ever anyone that should be doing gobs and gobs of it, it's me, right? LOL!) ... soo this I did precisely for that reason ... because I really *ought* to be doing more fairy art.

So here's a cute and pretty fairy for those of you that love the lighter side of the fey ... I keep meaning to go to deeper places with this sort of theme, but I just can't seem to find anything with enough substance in me to do it justice yet ... maybe someday though!

Anyways, I like this one enough to list her, lol.

Niamh: Woodland Fairy ACEO (not a print)

Remember, ACEOs are small, just 3.5 inches x 2.5 inches, this is a unique one of a kind miniature painting, with a ton of details especially when you consider how small it is.

Hope you guys like her! :)

New & old on ebay! Mermaids & Sexy Pin-Ups! Ooh la la!

Here's my latest ...

New Originals ...

Carmen: Sexy Pin-Up ACEO (not a print)

Steffie: Sexy Pin-Up ACEO (not a print)

Jenny: Sexy Pin-Up ACEO (not a print)

Loren: Sexy Pin-Up ACEO (not a print)

Relisted Originals ...

Cherie: Mermaid ACEO (not a print)

Nala: Mermaid ACEO (not a print)

Lin: Sexy Pin-Up ACEO (not a print)>

Prints ...

New! Muriel: Mermaid ACEO Print

New! Tieve: Fairy Art Print (4x6 printed on 8.5x11)

New! Geisha #1: Art Print (4x6 printed on 8.5x11)

Gillian: Mermaid ACEO Print

Bella: Mermaid ACEO Print

Raelin: Mermaid ACEO Print

Other ...
Black & White Mermaid Printed Art Bookmark

Layla : Mermaid Watercolor Giclee Print (4 x 6 )

Thanks for looking! :)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Finished another commissioned painting!

Yay! This one was a long time in coming ... school and a variety of other things kept delaying it so I was sooo happy to finally get it done!

And now with school out - I can start painting more and doing some sculpting! Kinda curious if I can finish a few sculpts this summer!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

My first art show for my 2d art in like 20+ years!

Yup - I actually have some art hung up at a local gallery in a full fledged show with other artists - and it has been a long long long time!!

I am really out of my league and am rather intimidated by how freaking GREAT they all are, but i figured, well, even if my art does suck compared to theirs ... so what? LOL!

But yeah, these artists are AMAZING - it's an honor to be allowed to show alongside of them!

I did take a couple of pictures of my work on the wall and of my prints on the shelf ... but for some reason I was all stupid and didn't take a picture of my art on the shelves .... ah well!

Here's the wall that my pieces are hung, they are the 4 on the far right ...

I am in LOVE with the top two larger paintings ... aren't they exquisite??

Here's a closer look at my work on the wall ...

And here's a look of my prints on the print shelf ... I have the top 3 shelves! :)

I thought it looked pretty cool,but then I am most assuredly biased, hee hee!

The show runs until June 8th, so it will be up for a little bit ... which is pretty exciting for me!