Friday, September 11, 2009

Getting ready for Deb Wood's seminar and the OG's first Online Art Show!!

Wow - talk about hectic!!

I am INSANELY busy - getting ready for a 6 day sculpting seminar with Deb Wood and then the first Online Art Show for!

Want to learn more about the Online Art Show at OOAKguild? Click here:

Plus getting out my ATC cards for my swaps and finishing a tattoo for my friend for the tattoo party that she is throwing this weekend, and man ... just sooooooo much to do!

I've been adding a LOT of merchandise to my Zazzle click here to check it out: Faerydae's Merchandise

I just scored a HUGE bunch of zucchini, so I will be baking zucchini bread ALL week and spaghetti sauce to freeeze for the seminar, as I will be cooking a meal or two for everyone while we are there.

Just not enough timeeeeeeee! ACK! LOL