Monday, January 17, 2011

Playing with my toys

This weekend was fun, I got a few new "toys" - an UV light and UV resin that is designed for jewelry to start testing out for eyes.

Hoping to finish up my commissions this week and get to start on my ADO steampunk challenge and finish my OG challenge for making a little beastie as well.

But it is nice to finally be feeling better and get some free time to work on making art!

It's been a long couple of years - money has been tight, and things were not going very well for a long time. Seemed like there was just something going wrong at EVERY bend. It was very draining, very sad, and very challenging.

But it seems my tunnel is seeing some light at long last. Things have been greatly improving near the end of 2010 and things just seem to FINALLY be going my way - and the constant pressure on me has eased greatly.

I might even get an actual diagnosis for my health issues that have been plaguing me for the past 2 years severely enough to land me in the hospital a few times. I'm not real crazy about it, and really not liking what they might have to do to fix me, but ... at least I'd know and it might be ABLE to be fixed! lol

It's just been about 2 years since my heart and soul felt this light and joyful. It seems like the future is bright and that all the things that faltered and fell apart are coming back together and that things are not going wrong as a rule these days.

THANK THE HEAVENS. I feel like I can finally breathe again without cringing and feeling that something was going to kick me at every corner. I feel free and happy and productive ... and THAT hasn't been true for like the last 3 years so I am really glad to have that part back.

My muse is bubbling away, and has actually been throwing a few fits - Yay! Just hope this trend continues, cuz lord knows, I have more than paid my dues to have some good times and things come my way, LOL!

Just really need to knock out my two commissions and then start playing ... 2011 I think is going to be a FUN year for me! :)