Saturday, May 21, 2011

My first art show for my 2d art in like 20+ years!

Yup - I actually have some art hung up at a local gallery in a full fledged show with other artists - and it has been a long long long time!!

I am really out of my league and am rather intimidated by how freaking GREAT they all are, but i figured, well, even if my art does suck compared to theirs ... so what? LOL!

But yeah, these artists are AMAZING - it's an honor to be allowed to show alongside of them!

I did take a couple of pictures of my work on the wall and of my prints on the shelf ... but for some reason I was all stupid and didn't take a picture of my art on the shelves .... ah well!

Here's the wall that my pieces are hung, they are the 4 on the far right ...

I am in LOVE with the top two larger paintings ... aren't they exquisite??

Here's a closer look at my work on the wall ...

And here's a look of my prints on the print shelf ... I have the top 3 shelves! :)

I thought it looked pretty cool,but then I am most assuredly biased, hee hee!

The show runs until June 8th, so it will be up for a little bit ... which is pretty exciting for me!


  1. It looks great :)
    I hope you sell lots :)

  2. Awww thank you so much!! I'm just hoping to get some exposure and if I'm lucky, good feedback!