Thursday, May 14, 2009

My first Mermaid OSWOA!

So I'm exploring the format of a piece as an OSWOA (Original Small Works Of Art) - where the main rule pertains to it's size, as it must be 4x6 inches.

Decided to do a mermaid and boy you can get a lot more detail in this as compared to an ACEO or ATC lol!

Here she is all inked:

And here she is with some color:

She still needs a little more done on her though - but she isn't too bad, I don't think! :)


  1. Oh hon she turned out beautifully!! I Loove the colors - so rich!! I still think you should do a black and white one though!! Sarah

  2. Aww thank you!!

    I am working on a black and white mermaid bookmark actually!!